I will be back in Lyon
from Monday 15th
to Friday 19th April 2024.

A celestial creature conceived for man,
Lydie invites you to a sensory discovery.

First of all, sight: her doe's body is topped by a luminous
head and ends with long audacious legs. Then, touch:
her velvety skin remind you a square of silk.
Hearing: harmonious song will rise from her breast. Scent:
I let you imagine what you prefer.
And to finish, taste: clear, crystalline,
reserved for fine gourmets.

Come and discover this masterpiece
of Lyonnais accompaniement
and dare the encounter !
Hôtel Una
Grand Hôtel Dieu
The goddess possesses a flexible
and lascivious body with an incomparable
ease of movement. Sumptous in a ball gown,
she begins to strip on a bed of satin: a strap
slips off her shoulder, a suspender is unclipped...
Red varnished fingernails crumple the bedsheets
passionately. She slides on the bed and her breath
quickens. Suddenly the outburst of her voice
echoes against the ceiling... She honours you,
adores you and falls asleep in your dreams.
Come and share refined pleasures
with her.
Goldeneye 007
Confess to me
Evasive, Lydie is above all creative.
Her dance is energetic, rhythmic, arrogant.
Everything is calculated: an immaculate window,
black velvet, detailed lace... The choreography
is a game that mixes smoothness and bite,
emptiness and density. The beautiful brunette,
alert and spicy, enhances your unconscious urges
and unleashes your erotic power. In a purely
esthetic intention, she intensifies the beat
to underline her character.
Encounters are planned over the phone only. However, you can make a pre-reservation by e-mail.
At the last second it is possible, but planning an encounter 2 days ahead of time is better !
I invite you to celebrate love in my flat. I can also meet you at your hotel room or simply at your home.

06 09 38 14 48

You may use the French "tu" or "vous" when speaking to me, but please try to be clear. No hidden calls, and please avoid text messaging.

Conscious of the hexis & habitus of each and every one, I do not emit the slightest judgement with regards to your social circles. The key is in placing everything in the appropriate context. I respect your anonymity, guarantee professional discretion and empathy.